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  • Are Adrienne’s programs for both youth and adults?

    Yes!  Adrienne’s messages span generations.  While Adrienne found her voice working with teens, her messages have grown as she has grown (in life and as a speaker).   Her messages are adapted to be appropriate for each audience and their age.  While she works with youth on growing self-confidence and pursuing your gifts — she works with adults on becoming the best version of themselves even in the midst of life’s demands (hint: it happens in the calculated small moments of the day).  Adrienne is a business owner and marketing guru so naturally business conferences love her style, expertise, attitude and approach.

  • How much does it cost to bring Adrienne to our school/organization?

    We do our best to work with all budgets.  When it comes to working with our youth, the fact Adrienne can speak multiple times in one day allows you to partner with other schools that will share in the cost. You are also welcome to invite neighboring schools to attend your event, which allows schools to share the cost. If four or more schools (in the same geographic area) would like to bring Adrienne to your area we are delighted to offer a tour rate.  We cover all travel expenses.*Applicable for continental U.S. schools only.

  • Will Adrienne travel internationally?

    Absolutely! As long as you invite her husband along for the fun!

  • Does Adrienne do media interviews?


  • Are audio & video recording allowed?

    Video and audio recording are allowed; however please make arrangements in advance as there needs to be a written consent.

    • We must receive the master copy within 30 days of the program.
    • Copies can not be sold or uploaded to Youtube (or any other social sites), it is for internal use only.

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