"Part of achieving grand goals is overcoming great obstacles."

About Adrienne
Speaker, Author, Entertainer, Game Changer!

While Adrienne has lived in various corners of our country she is proud to be a Kansas native.

She is a former Miss Kansas, former Miss USO, and a graduate of the University of Kansas. She is a medical experiment in the field of orthopedics – or what we might call the new age “Six Million Dollar Woman”. Other titles include: wife, step-mom, grandma!, and author of the best selling Amazon book, “Blood Sweat & Tiaras”.

But what makes her special? She will no doubt show you! You will quickly learn she doesn’t rely upon the world to determine her attitude and self-worth.

A self-proclaimed loud-mouth and opinion generator with a fierce, well-earned self-confidence. This is Adrienne Bulinski or as many people refer to her… “Yo Adrienne” (a name near and dear to all those fellow Rocky fans).

Adrienne Bulinski is a award winning youth speaker.

"You will quickly learn she doesn’t rely upon the world to determine her attitude and self-worth."

Adrienne is a top motivational speaker.

More About Adrienne
Education, background & more

Adrienne holds a Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Mass Communications as well as a Minor in Theatre from the University of Kansas. In 2005, she won the title of Miss Kansas, competing at Miss America 2006. After her tenure with the Miss Kansas Organization, Adrienne joined the USO Show Troupe of Metropolitan New York, entertaining military troops and their families. In 2007 Adrienne derailed her professional entertainment career when she severed her foot from her leg due to a tragic horsing accident.  Not giving into misfortune, Adrienne began performing again to prove statistics wrong. Today Adrienne has both of her feet and a newly installed ankle replacement. A woman of perseverance, Adrienne is also putting her journalism, marketing and public relations goals into action. Adrienne is the founder and director of Be Known, a marketing consulting company based in Denver. In her spare time, Adrienne enjoys being with her husband whether it is ski biking, mountain biking, watching TV, reading or cooking. She is also an avid writer.  Her first book, Blood Sweat & Tiaras, is available on Amazon and receiving rave reviews. For more about her book, click here.


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