Which Direction?

February 17, 2020
Adrienne Bulinski

Are you struggling with direction for your life? You are not alone… I meet people all the time that are frozen in space because they are waiting for a sign or cosmic power to thump them on the head and say “this is it!”

Sorry, but life doesn’t typically work that way. Sometimes you have to pick a direction and GO. Go explore your interests and all they have to offer.

Yes, sometimes you have to go through a process of elimination and there is nothing wrong with that (or you)!

Think of it like this… what if you want to buy a pair of pants? Then you get in the car and drive to the store. You walk in the store. You know you may or may not find the right pair of pants in the first store you explore, but you go in anyway.

When I go shopping, I pile a stack of pants over my arm and then go to the dressing room and start trying them on. Some fit, but most don’t. I go through a process of elimination until I narrow down my selection. When I’m satisfied, I buy my pants. I take them home and life goes on.

What if you approached life’s career decisions in that way?

You have ideas about what interests you, right? Try it on and see what fits! What interests you from a distance may or may not fit when you try it on, but the only way you find out is to try!

What if you get the pants home and they are itchy? Do you keep wearing them? NO! You move on and try another pair. What if you try on a career and it doesn’t fit? You re-evaluate, adjust, and move on.

Please don’t be the person that stands outside with their nose pressed to the glass and straining to see what’s inside, but too afraid to walk in and try it on. Or ask questions. Heaven forbid it may not fit or work out.

Go for it! Try it. Explore what life has to offer.

BUT take note: just because you are trying on something new doesn’t mean you quit what you’re currently doing... i.e. if you’re exploring a new career opportunity you do NOT romantically quit your job so you can be “all in”. Why? Because financial stress sucks. You don’t go shopping naked do you? I hope not! No, you wear what you have while you are in pursuit of what you’re after. It is part of the process.

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