What Is Your Gift?

February 27, 2020
Adrienne Bulinski

What is your gift? What is your talent? Are you honoring them?

Is your gift to serve? Then serve. Is it to teach? Then teach. Is it to encourage? Encourage! Is it to give? Then give generously. Is to lead? Then lead diligently. Is it to show mercy? Then do it cheerfully. Is it to preach? Then preach in accordance with your faith.

Just like the hand cannot see and the eye cannot taste, that does not mean the eye should be depressed about its lack of smell or the hand be discouraged by its lack of sight. The hand and the eye have very specific purposes and when they work together, along with the other parts of the body, the whole-body functions at its highest level.

Is our society any different? No.

As individuals we cannot be all and do all. You are uniquely made and hold very specific qualities our world is in desperate need of. Honor your gifts.

At the same time, it is important to honor other’s gifts as well. Every person has his/her area of expertise and it is our responsibility to lean on our neighbor for guidance in the areas where our gifts do not lie. For example, when I need help with my taxes, I call my accountant. When I need help with my editing, I call my editor. When I need advice, I call my dad. When I need spiritual guidance, I call my pastor. When I need an outfit hemmed, I call my mom. Do you see where I’m going with this? We all have gifts and we are supposed to need each other. That doesn’t show weakness, it shows strength.

So often I feel that if I don’t check EVERY box that means I am falling short. Do you ever feel that way? We need to stop that. Right now. We are supposed to work together so we can function as one at the highest level. If we don’t work together, things crumble.

It is impossible to be a construction worker, a schoolteacher, and a boss of fortune 500 company at the same time, but all are equally needed. It is possible, however, to be a construction worker and a leader within your crew. It is possible to be a motivator who shows mercy within the classroom and it is possible to give generously no matter your position in life – be it a CEO or homeless. Yes, to give monetarily is great, but what about giving with your time and your ears? What about giving with your musical talents or ability to write encouraging words? I’m striving to be a part of the 1% club so I can give generously with my wallet, my time, and my talents. In the meantime, I will bloom where I’m planted and continue to honor my gifts by being an active member of my community.

My community needs me just as your community needs you! Yes, just like the body needs the hands and the eyes and the ears, your community needs you and your unique gifts that are only yours to share. So share them!

I encourage you to take inventory of your God given gifts and ask yourself how you can continue to honor those gifts while also being a productive member of society.

What are your gifts? Are you honoring them? How can you do a better job of honoring them without expectation of anything in return. I am at my best when I have the opportunity to motivate others and lead them on a journey of self-discovery and defining perseverance. I’m doing my best to honor that gift.

What are your gifts? Please honor them. Our world needs you. In fact… I need you!

*This blog is inspired by Romans 12:4-8 and 1 Corinthians 12:12-31

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