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Shame vs. Bad-Ass
July 6, 2019 at 8:00 AM
by Adrienne Bulinski

Someone recently asked if I altered my wardrobe to hide my ankle (since it is a little disfigured). I couldn’t hide the smile from my face as I responded with a proud “NOPE”! My scars remind me that I am one bad-ass chic! Why would I hide that?  But let me get real… I used to be ashamed of my ankle which I affectionately refer to as “my third boob”. For five years I hid my scars from the world (in reality I was hiding them from myself). I was embarrassed and ashamed of the disfigurement. 

In 2012, when I went to work for a group of orthopedic surgeons, I realized I was in the perfect environment to let my battle wounds see the light of day. Those doctors and staff had seen far worse and understood I was a walking miracle.  Slowly I started wearing skits and cropped pants.  I was very insecure about what people might say, but to my surprise people said very little.  Why?  Because most people don’t take the time to notice and the people who do are in awe that I’m walking.  I began to realize my insecurity was a manifestation of my mind’s doing.  Yes, there were a few people along the journey that made nasty comments but I have also learned that I am a woman of character and my beautiful ankle is testament to God’s miracles (and a great conversation starter). I am a tough chick with some bad-ass scars.  

I celebrate them.  My prayer is that your scars have helped shape you for the better too.  No, it is not an easy journey when the challenge is extreme, but the beauty is there if you are willing to get out of your own way and go find it.

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