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Lean Into Your Purpose AND Your Flaws
April 8, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Adrienne Bulinski

Today I have a message for us all: each one of us has something beautiful to offer the world. Please don’t lose sight that your corner of the world NEEDS YOU! So often we find ourselves fearful to put ourselves out there as our whole selves… fearful of judgement, of failure, of other people’s opinions. Too often our insecurities rob us of our potential and value. First, as my dad has told me many times “opinions are like a**holes, everyone has one and they all stink.” Get over other’s opinions. They are none of your business anyway. Second, put your pride in check and lean into your heart’s desires AND your flaws. The world needs both – yes, your flaws too! Our flaws make us human and relatable and trustworthy. People want leaders, not perfection.

Now… go conquer the week!!! Flaws and all! Lean into your purpose. Your heart’s desire is not an accident…

Thank you to the beautiful ladies pictured with me. Thank you for inviting me to conduct a “Leveling Up Your Life” workshop during your Rodan + Fields weekend retreat at the beautiful Lodge at Timberline. I feel like I have new friends around the country and Canada! I hope our paths cross a multitude of times as we share in gratitude while chasing our heart’s #desires. It is our responsibility to fulfill our #purpose by utilizing our #gifts and #talents.

Yo Rodan + Fields! I want to be a bigger part of your org. My hope is the ladies pictured give you feedback on the #womensretreat and we team up for more projects… including your national #conference

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