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Good To Great
January 16, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Be Known

Moving from good to GREAT.  What does that mean and how do we do it?

Yes, there is a business book by this title, but my question is how do I live this phrase in my everyday life.

-A blog thought by Adrienne Bulinski (speaker, author, entertainer and small biz owner)

We all have room for growth, right?  One of my favorite sayings is “you can’t tread water in a river,” which means you are always moving – be it forward or backward you are always in motion.  So how do we move forward in our lives when we are already maxed? For me, I look to the Internet.  For those of you over the age of 35 I can imagine you rolling your eyes at the same time you’re whispering the ten-letter curse word “millennial”.  Yes, I’m in that age bracket but there is something to learn from us (believe it or not).  My response when I get stuck on something is to “google it!”  Before you jump to conclusions let me point out I don’t necessarily want to google everything, but finding a phone number to get ahold of tech support takes more time than trying to get past the prompts of pressing zero only to end up shouting “REPRESENTATIVE!” So yes, I have learned to google everything out of necessity.

So… using the power of the Internet can we move ourselves from good to great? 

Finding success and figuring out how to navigate the workplace and the business world has in large part come from my deep relationships with my mentors.  Now, I still believe in the power of real-life face-to-face mentoring, but why not fill our newsfeeds and video views with people who are demonstrating greatness in our own field of expertise?

What you put in your body is what you get out.

As a speaker and a freelance marketing guru people often inquire how to get themselves or their businesses to the next level.  My response is simple and direct, “reverse engineer it.”  What I mean is google it!  Find the people in your field who are the visionaries - those people who are moving the marker - those people who are the difference makers.  Watch them.  Learn from them.  Adapt what it is they are doing right and let go of what you don’t necessarily agree with. Face it, is there anyone in the world with whom you agree with 100% of their choices?  Adopt the good and leave the rest.

In the world of YouTube (which is owned by Google) there is not an easier way to find a digital mentor that has carved the path of what it means to be GREAT.  Look to them and see what they are doing right and adopt it.  Yes, you will have to filter through all the wanna-be greatness seekers that are just flapping their jaws and making noise, but that brings the humor into the research.

If I had to place a bet I would bet 10 to 1 you are reading this at work/school… spend five minutes and do some “industry research”.  To gauge your time put a piece of gum in your mouth and cruise around the web until the flavor runs out.  You might be surprised who you find that will inspire you to move from good to great in your corner of the world!

Finally, moving from good to great is after all a mindset not a destination.

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