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  • Perseverance With Grit Keynote (Adrienne’s award winning program)
    Virtual or In-Person

    The difference between living your best life and dreading getting out of bed in the morning boils down to a handful of daily choices. Truth: when life is rainbows and cupcakes it is easy to persevere. Realty: when life hands you your tush on a silver platter the word “perseverance” quickly seems like a four letter word that makes you cringe. So, how do you use life’s hardships as building blocks to reach your full potential? This is Adrienne’s speciality and she will show you how to live your best life despite the odds.
    Perseverance With Grit is a program built on a series of real-life stories of charging toward a dream and overcoming setbacks. Adrienne will teach you how you can change the trajectory of your life in less than five minutes a day. Sound to good to be true? It isn’t if you are willing to give it a try. It’s easy, it’s effective, and it’s proven! Empower yourself, your colleagues, and your peers to be awesome in their own lives. There is, after all, plenty of room for our world to have more positive people living their best lives. Adrienne wants you to be one of them! Be empowered to stay focused, be an effective leader, overcome adversity, and live your best life. 

    When are you too old to pursue your dream?
    If you’re still breathing you still have potential.

    Ideal Audience:
    This in a game changing keynote for conferences, conventions, luncheons and practically anywhere people are looking for direction and/or inspiration

    Program Run time:
    We adjust to fit your schedule! Ideal run time is 45-55 minutes.

  • The Nitty Gritty Workshop/Breakout session
    Virtual or In-Person

    A deep dive into the nitty gritty details of the signature keynote "Perseverance With Grit". This is the hands-on how-to where Adrienne helps attendees zero in on one dream and then write a tactical plan on how they are going to march up their staircase and grab ahold of their dream.  This is the workshop for the big idea they experienced during the keynote.  It also ensures attendees will leave with a plan in their hand and the confidence to charge forward.

    Ideal Audience:
    Anyone in pursuit of a dream, building a business or overcoming obstacles

    Program Run Time:
    55-90 minutes

  • Finding Your Footing Keynote
    Virtual or In-Person

    How does your world go from success to tragedy in a matter of seconds? How do you pick yourself up and keep marching forward? Dive into a program of music, laughter, fun, and goal setting. Parallel your dreams with the lessons taught straight from the world’s oldest history book. See first-hand how with faith you can accomplish anything, overcome anything, and build the beautiful life meant only for you. It’s now or never. What are you waiting for? You can indeed find your footing.  

    Ideal Audience:
    women's conferences, high school (grades 7-12), college gatherings, conferences, retreats
    *This is a Christian focused program that builds on scripture.

    Program Run Time:
    We adjust to fit your schedule!

  • hero-4
    Smelling What You're Stepping In Workshop/Breakout Session

    The art of body language and communication. Body language is a powerful component to being a great communicator! Learn how to be a better communicator as well as adapt a few powerful traits that can subconsciously help you be more effective in sales, business, and LIFE! During this breakout Adrienne will also teach some easily adaptable traits to apply when giving your own presentations and/or speeches so your audience will be more open to your pitch/idea verses being closed off. Body language is a powerful component to being a great communicator!

    Ideal Audience:
    Conference breakout

    Program Run Time:
    45-60 minutes

  • Leadership & Salsa Team Building/Leadership/Group Activity

    Did you ever think you would see your colleagues or peers learning salsa and leadership at the same time? And laughing as they learn? This is a fun activity for people with two left feet as well as people who have years of dance training.  While learning the basics of partner dancing, Adrienne and her dance partner teach the skills of being a good leader as well as being a good follower - on the dance floor, in the workplace, in school and in life.  Being an effective leader is powerful, just as being a supportive follower can be influential. The foundation of any great business, organization, or school is leadership, the understanding of how to follow, respect one another and communicate... all skills you learn through partner dancing.  

    Ideal Audience: Conference breakout

    Program Run Time: 60-90 minutes

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